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In Regs RM we are specialists in the agricultural sector, in winders, irrigation systems (spraying and dripping), roofing, waterproofing of reservoirs, hydraulic works and pumping systems.

We have an experience in the sector (irrigation by sprinkling and agricultural irrigation).

Giving a personalized treatment in each installation, with the aim of giving our customers the best service and after-sales service.

Advice and efficiency in irrigation systems with continuous innovations and giving the farmer the most technical and advanced systems in the market.

What are automated irrigation systems?

The automatic irrigation facilities that we supply for hydraulic works and in the agricultural sector, are increasingly used by owners of orchards or large land, as they are accessible to all and provide us with great advantages over traditional systems .

While for some time this method of irrigation was more in the agricultural sector, at present many individuals also decide to install it in their orchards and keep them in the best conditions without having to resort to hose or waste unnecessary water .

An automatic irrigation system is one that allows scheduling irrigation. This optimizes the time and a significant saving is achieved, as the water is being controlled and rationed. Currently, the most common installations are two:

  1. Drip irrigation system: In this case, we usually find it in large areas, such as crop fields. Sprinklers are installed in those areas to be irrigated, and these are responsible for expanding the water by all of them in the form of rain. There are several models of sprinklers, rotating or static, with long, medium and short range, to meet the specific needs of each place and person.
  2. Sprinkler irrigation system: It is an irrigation system that is based on a mechanism which allows water to be supplied to plants by means of specific tools such as valves, emitters, pipes or plastic hoses. The water, then, is dosed and reaches the end of the circuit drop by drop. Usually used to irrigate small spaces or concrete plants.

An automated irrigation system is, therefore, a perfect method to take advantage of a large amount of water and minimize the efforts. In addition, these methods are not complicated to install in agriculture fields, and programmers can be used to determine the hours and amount of irrigation.

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In Regs RM we are specialists in the agricultural sector, in hydraulic works and in the waterproofing of reservoirs. For 45 years we have sought to offer the best services and the most innovative products for our clients to achieve a quality and efficient facilities.